The money you are going to invest not only going to be a Business it will be your Great part of service for the Indian society and showing the Right way for the students to choose their path. Education industry is one of the fastest developing sectors worldwide, generating large scale revenues and employment. The Global education industry is the second-largest industry after healthcare. Education has long been receiving the major wallet share of the Indian middle class. The Indian middle class is expected to expand significantly, from 300 million people today to 583 million people in 2025. With the growth of the Indian middle class and the increase in its member's spending power, there is expected to be a major supply-demand gap, which opens up many entrepreneurial opportunities in this sector.                                                    


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Education industry is the only Recession proof Industry. Indian education system has been ranked 72th place in the world education system. Now the Indian education system analyzed and find out the way to bring it to the top ranked and started to concentrate on the Childhood education as same as the well developed countries like japan, South Korea and others do. The Global Education Industry is the second-largest industry after health-care. The Indian Education industry is a $95.8billon opportunity. Governments outlay is the 3rd largest on education after US and China. We have more than 2 lakh recognized middle and senior basic schools and more than 6, 50,000 primary and junior basic schools in India. The allocation per child has increased from 23400 in 2010 to 48,000 (213%) in 2012. According to (PISA) Project for International student assessment is an international comparative survey of 15 year-old (46,000 learners) knowledge and skills across reading, mathematical and science literacy. India was represented by the states of Tamil Nadu and Himachal Pradesh. The recently unveiled PISA report spread over 74 countries including the Plus nations (10 countries were added to the original 64), the two Indian states (Tamil Nadu & Himachal Pradesh) came up 72nd and 73rd out of 74 in both reading and Math. The market size of Indian education sector is expected to increase to Rs 602,410 crore (US$ 95.80 billion) by FY15 on back of strong demand for quality education, according to a report by India Ratings. Indian education sector market size in FY12 was estimated to be Rs 341,180 crore (US$ 54.20 billion). The sector grew at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.5 per cent during FY05-FY12. The private education sector is estimated to reach US$ 70 billion by 2013 and US$ 115 billion by 2018, according to a consulting firm Techno park Realizing the fast growth of education sector in India, many private companies are looking for relevant acquisitions and alliances in this space. Major investments are being seen in the areas of pre-schools, private coaching and tutoring, teacher training, the development and provision of multimedia content, educational software development, skill enhancement, IT training and e-learning.


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