Product Design Internship

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Spark provides the internship to the engineering which is customized program that has been framed in such a way so that our student to think, Imagine, and create real world products. Employability has become a key attribute of students who pass out from colleges. The industry requires, expects to equip them with skill based knowledge to get the competitive edge over others. It is necessary for the each and every engineering student to have CAD/CAE/CAM educational program and hand on training to meet the industry recommending challenges. This program will help the students to implement their ideas-Build your own circuit, have been educated to implement their circuit practically on Breadboards, And then we involved in Reverse Engineering of the Product, so that we can find out the path the scientists have travelled to execute it, and we will make the student to bring out the own ideas in Dot Board, Once the students ready to plan their ideas and execute it, they should know how the Industries will design and execute their product. In case of Industry finished products it involves the IC Formation, and uses the printed circuit board to execute their project. The students will be Educate to use printed circuit board simulator software to design their own idea to implement in the Printed circuit board. Once the student completes this course, the student will be able to execute their idea which can be useful to the society and can self-employed and produces Invention and Innovation in Electrical and electronics field. It acts as a platform to build your own idea in the industry standard.

The Intership cover's the following module (60 hour's):

  • Introduction to Project management
  • Introduction to Planning Management
  • Basic of Electronic's using BreadBoard - All the Electronic materials's will be provided
  • Reverse Engineering of Product
  • Electronic Simulation using Multisim
  • Product Planning
  • Product Design - using simulation,
  • PCB Design using EAGLE PCB Software
  • Product survey
  • Product Production - PCB Production
  • Execution of product
  • Internship certificate provided by SPARK - Research and Development organization.

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