SPARK - The India's First Future Engineeirng & Scientific Lab

SPARK "Servers of Practical And Reliable Knowledge" is a Research and Development Organization based in India that works on Future Engineering Products - UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and MAV (Micro Air Vehicle) for survalliance purpose and to clear the electrical Demand throughout the global by working on Electronic Automation Products for various applications. spark provides the "Future Engineering & Scientific Lab" renders scientific knowledge to young minds. SPARK is continuously making tremendous efforts to make the future young generation technically sound in science and engineering disciplines through practical studies and hands-on training.


Information Technology and computer engineering industries are booming very highly when compared to mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering. The hands-on training for the IT and computer science engineering are very effective and serves as the seed for creativity and innovation. The technology statistics of developed countries like USA Europe reveals that most of the top management people and engineers are INDIANS. What stands as the big difference between our INDIANS abroad and here? Indians brains are smarter than we ever imagine. So, when we give a thought, a very acceptable truth is the Indian education system which lacks hands-on trainings and practical way of teaching and learning things induces this difference. SPARK aims at clearing this gap and provides quality education comparable to education systems in developed countries. Engineering courses are one of the most stimulating and creatively inspiring courses that young people can take. To discover their interest and talent for engineering, students need both early exposure to engineering courses and encouragement to follow this strenuous, work-intensive path.


What SPARK is working on ?

"SPARK" is looking ahead to see a country of skilled graduates in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. In order to drive the country out of the economic crisis and push into prosperity. "SPARK" aims to become known for the quality of its WB education system and a place from where talented science, technology, engineering and math professionals from around the globe can go to not only to reach their career goals but also to make tremendous achievements. Students around the world are recognizing engineering science and engineering disciplines subjects as a path to employment and greater economic prosperity, and we should prove that our students are no exception to that. "Science and technology are providing - and will provide - major opportunities for students. We need to ensure that we continue to grow the number of world class graduates who can work for tech and science-based companies, and who will also set up companies of their own, as well as contribute to the wider society. "SPARK" believes that young people are the key to solving global challenges. A solid math and science foundation coupled with skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, and problem solving are crucial for their success. To help educators foster the next generation of innovators, we provide science, technology, engineering and math based program to encourage student's interest and participation.

What's your Part Here ?

We strongly believe that your esteemed institution's participation as part of this initiative would make a significant impact on the next generation of Indian Professionals. Give hand's to SPARK to create the young Inventor's.